Mike T.'s Wheelbuilding


Mike's Columns in RoadBikeRider.com e-newsletter

Since December 4th 2014 I have been writing a column about wheelbuilding for the RoadBikeRider.com e-newsletter.

The free newsletter is mailed out weekly (Thursdays) but my columns do not run every week.

Here are the dates, issue numbers and titles of the columns to date -

Introduction: The Wheel Builder.
Issue 648, 12/04/2014

Why bother building and maintaining our own wheels?
Issue 650, 12/18/2014

Essential tools for the job.
Issue 653, 01/22/2015

Basic Concepts Part 1.
Issue 657, 02/19/2015

Basic Concepts Part 2.
Issue 660,  03/11/2015

Coming soon - 

Basic Concepts Part 3.