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Featuring our resident bike "expert", the ever opinionated, rarely rational,  Mike T.  
He is dedicated to taking the mystery out of bike repairs so that you will feel confident to tackle jobs, mostly with everyday tools.

Feel free to make links to the stuff but whatever you do, don't steal it and pass it off as your own.  That's not being nice.
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       New - How I make my mirrors


    What you need to know about your chain.

Wheels, Tires

Home wheelbuilding.
Tire Tips.
Studding ice tires.


Clip-in pedals and Newbies.
BB removal.
Pedal removal.
Crank removal for older square-taper spindles.
Lubricating freehub units.

Frames, Headsets and Forks

Frame water entry and rust prevention.
Headset removal & installation.
Fork replacement.
Dented headtube, reaming & facing.

General Stuff

What you should carry when you ride. 
Bike cleaning.
Brake levers, 'Moto' style.
Brooks saddle modification.

Repair Reference

        Here are some links to 'How To' sites for bike repairs, replacement parts and information.