Repair, information and parts reference

Here are some Internet sites that will explain bike terminology, the repair process and tools.

Sheldon Brown.  Almost more than you need to know -

Park Tool's site has lots of repair information -

Bike repair books -

        Wheelbuilding e-book - Roger Musson's Wheelbuilding (6th edition) is the best I've read.  Download it for about $14.

        Velogear Books -

        Books and bicycle small parts - Loose Screws - Going out of business soon.

        Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance is one of the better ones.

       Parts -

                    Hubsets, Kinlin rims, Sapim spokes -

Sapim spokes - - including the industry-leading CX-Ray bladed spokes.

Bicycle small parts - Loose Screws - bookmark this one!  Going out of business soon.

                The ultimate bike resource sites

                            Mountainbike Review.  For product reviews, tech help forums, trail reviews......just go there -

                            Roadbike Review.  Sister site of Mountainbike Review.  My 2nd home.

                            Road Bike Rider.  An incredible amount of information, e-articles and e-books for roadies.  Free weekly newsletter & Premium Site.   -